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I've been recently in Madrid, and here goes some advices about which places you must visit, and where you should go. The first place you should go to and have a walk is the centre of the town. I think that any tourist hasn't known the city if hasn´t been in Sol, Plaza de España, Gran Vía and so on. It's better going early in the morning, because the rest of the day there is a crowd of people and it is a bit stressful.
Then you should have lunch at Casa Lucio, if you don't mind the price. It is located in La Latina neighborhood, in Cava Baja street. I think it is the most representative restaurant in Madrid. But if you have a small budget, it's better going for "tapas" for example. In La Latina there are a lot of pubs also, where if you buy a drink, the tapas are free.
After lunch you can go to a park to have a little rest. In Madrid there are many beautiful parks, the most famous is El Retiro, but there are other places that could be more comfortable, with less peopole around like Campo del Moro in Príncipe Pío. After that you must visit some of the most famous museums of Madrid, like El Prado, Thyssen Bornemisza, or Reina Sofía, to name a few.
If you want to have an afternoon meal you should go to San Ginés, near Sol and Plaza Mayor, where you can ask for a drinking chocolate, and enjoy it with churros or porras, that are dough formed into sticks or rings and fried in oil, very tasty and typical. If you don't like sweets you can have a beer in a terrace, in summer and spring there are a lot of terraces in the penthouses of some hotels or buildings, for instance there is one in Tirso de Molina or in Santa Ana Square.
And if you like football, you can have dinner in the Real Café, a little restaurant in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. There you can enjoy the views of the field while you are eating on the second floor, and have a drink downstairs with nice musik.

My travel to Amsterdam

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My travel to Amsterdam.
  I went there to learn  english in this country, everybody speak English and they are really nice. My first  job was to find a good school, it was no easy because of the price and because of the level, at the end I founded a very good one with people from every parts of the world:  Argentinian, Nederlands, Portugal, Filipins, etc and the age of the people was so different too, since a mother of children until a rich and cool Japanesee who knows everything (I dont know why she was in the class, maybe she was boring expending money all the time, je,je)

   At the end of the course we went to a concert to celebrate it all toguether and it was amazing because it was really like a family a very good experience nowadays we keep in touch althouht it was several years ago.
What I prefer of traveling is to know new people you can learn a lot and enjoy as well.


Arrive to Lisbon

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I had been feeling nervous for some days back then, as I was about to go on an experience that was new and unique in my life.

The 17th of september, around 3 in the morning, I got in my car and started by journey to Lisbon, from Madrid. It was really exhausting as car rides are always extremely monotonous.

When I finally got to Lisbon, the first thing I saw was the Santo Cristo, just like the one in São Paulo in Brazil, and I really liked it! The feeling was the same for the 25 de Abril bridge, which in turn really resembles the San Francisco one, and it was absolutely beautiful.


And that's when my adventure really started. As we didn't know where to go and the only place we knew we had to be was Marquês de Pombal, we started following directions to get there. We then looked for bed-and-breakfasts to spend the night and ended up in Alameda, at the Flor inn. They were really nice and I was glad my first contact with portuguese people was so good! We barely ate that day, though my mom did cook a potatoe tortilla for me! We then spent the whole day taking care of papers for the university, portuguese courses and my future apartment!


The next day I went to check a flat and ended up being really lucky as I loved it immediately and it's actually where I'm living right now! From that moment on I could finally start really enjoying the city, and by now I've done plenty of sightseeing and all I can say is that it's beautiful beyond words. What really stood out for me was the really traditional, old looking streets and their white balconies. I did hurt my toe walking in the street because of all the loose stones, but Lisbon is just incredible, and there are so many beautiful viewpoints from which we can just choose one, sit there with someone and talk while the sun sets through the streets of Lisbon; it's one of the most beautiful experiences ever!


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Hello Dear readers,


I'm Erasmus student, which I'm going to stay in Lisbon for one year. I have to make a blog and doing some brain storms I thought to make a traveller blog.


Why traveller blog?

Because for me travelling is anything else that seeing wonderful places. For myself are sensitives, smellers, cultures, people, places, experiences... things when you have travelled never you forget.


The cause of that blog is not just tell what the place where you have gone like, but to explain what you felt and what experiences you lived during your travel, that anybody won't be able to repeat, because just it is doing in that moment and in that place where you could live it.


For this reasen friends and partners I invite you to send me photos of your travels and you tell me these experiences you'll always remember to share them with every readers.

Next week I'll tell you my experience when I arrived to Lisbon for once, what I felt and first I knew in the city.


Best Regards

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