Abril 12, 2006


- ... But I'm gonna be working those days.

- I don't mind, I'll be the DJ! I'll be playing the CDs of The Mars Volta and watch the people go bunkers! Niño preparate que vas sufrir! hahahaha...

- Fuck, I thought your "Volta Phase" was already gone.

- Mmm... I think it's never gonna go.

- No?

- No, I think The Mars Volta is the band that all the fans of great music were waiting for since eons.

- Wow, that's a little bit too big, huh?

- Not at all. Never before there were guys with the guts to put Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, Yes, Pink Floyd and Santana together, I mean, to sound like them and sell millions. Make the weirdest music since the 70s and make it to the top. E. said that if Tremulant were recorded in 72 we would be talking about the best band in history. They're the greatest thing that's happened in music since ages.

- Yeah, well. It's true. For freaks like you, it must a whole event to see a band like that appearing, no?

- Hell yeah. It's a miracle...

Abrazos per tutti!

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