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Vogster has presented the model Crimecraft free trial, which will be unlimited in time. Will retain the payment model, which is achieved with more experience, more loot and more skills. Surely those who like the game end up going to pay model, since it is essential to the ultimate content of the game.
The lucky ones will get a drake normal flying mount to 310% similar to Onyxia.

We learn that for the 5 years of the game (released on 23 November 2004 in the United States on 11 February of the following year with us), those connecting to World of Warcraft to this date, your pet will receive exclusive also the image of Onyxia.

Thus, you will again confront Onyxia in a dungeon for the groups of 10 players in normal mode and 25 players for the heroic mode.
Abandoned since the first extension, the iconic Onyxia, Draconids matriarch, will soon be back in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King in a meeting of the raid up to date.

Mechanics of the raid encounter will also be reviewed to stick to the evolution of the game and world of raids.

New items will be added to the loot table and look at what is done in time, namely, helmets T2.5 sets.

More details will be released soon. This update will be available on the test realms. 

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