Julio 22, 2005

Hauppauge pvr-150 eeprom linux

I've just installed this pvr tv card (an Hauppauge pvr-150) in my system, witch is a Fedora Core 3. I was having problems with the tuner, i'd got image but cannot tune the UHF channel.

I seen in the dmesg and seen that the tveeprom module was not loading correctly. The problem is that the eeprom module from the linux kernel (used by some i2c and for lm_sensors) MUST load after the tveeprom module provided by the ivtv drivers.

I searched for the eeprom.ko module into the /lib/modules/{your ker version}/.. and renamed to old_eeprom.ko

Then, modifyed the /etc/rc.d/rc.local and added under /sbin/modprobe ivtv this: /sbin/modprobe old-eerpom

Then reboot and test your card

With that, we prevent to load the eeprom module before the tveeprom module for the pvr-150. Next you'll be able to tune your card.

Have a nice day.

Hola lectores, he colocado este inciso en mi blog porque no hay ninguna web donde se encuentre esta información y si alguien tiene el mismo problema que yo pueda solucionarlo.

Espero que no haya asustado xD

Y espero que mi nivel de ingles augmete...


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