Reservado: Aquí se iba a sentar alguien en especial...

...pero al final no se sentó, sin embargo...

Posted by: S. on 06.09.04

Porque yo no le dejé...

Posted by: Irene on 06.09.04

Y que pasó?

Posted by: Jesús on 07.05.04

Que de comentarios `exóticos´. Menos mal que no se trataba del asiento de un retrete...

Posted by: s. on 07.05.04

Lupus in fabula - The wolf in the tale (i.e. speak of the wolf, and he will come) (Terence)

Posted by: drunk mom on 07.11.04

Nihil est ab omni parte beatum - Nothing is good in every part. (Horace)

Posted by: gay rape on 07.11.04

Multum in parvo - Much in little

Posted by: free gay videos on 07.12.04

Natura nihil fit in frustra - Nature does nothing in vain

Posted by: free shemale thumbnails on 07.14.04

Amicule, deliciae, num is sum qui mentiar tibi? - Baby, sweetheart, would I lie to you?

Posted by: piss drinking on 07.14.04

Diligentia maximum etiam mediocris ingeni subsidium - Diligence is a very great help even to a mediocre intelligence. (Seneca)

Posted by: free pantyhose pictures on 07.14.04

Facito aliquid operis, ut te semper diabolus inveniat occupatum - Always do something, so that the devil always finds you occupied. (St. Jerome)

Posted by: map on 07.25.04

Bis interimitur qui suis armis perit - He is doubly destroyed who perishes by his own arms. (Syrus)

Posted by: gay muscle on 08.10.04

Ex gratia - As a favour

Posted by: sex movie teen free preview on 08.11.04

O quam cito transit gloria mundi! - O how quickly passes the glory of the world!

Posted by: brother sister sex on 08.11.04

Propino fibi salutem! - Cheers!

Posted by: creampie sex on 09.12.04

Fides quaerens intellectum - Faith seeking understanding

Posted by: free female domination on 09.14.04

Ita erat quando hic adveni - It was that way when I got here

Posted by: amateur nude photos on 09.15.04

Summum ius, summa iniuria - The extreme law is the greatest injustice. (Cicero)

Posted by: young gay boys on 09.15.04

In posterum - Till the next day

Posted by: free fat girls on 09.15.04

In absentia - In one's absence

Posted by: big dildos on 09.18.04

In alio pediculum, in te ricinum non vides - You see a louse on someone else, but not a tick on yourself. (Petronius)

Posted by: gay cum on 09.21.04
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