Enero 20, 2005

Los Wachowski no hablan (pero escriben)

Ayer recibí los dos primeros cómics editados por la editorial de los Wachowski, Burlyman Entertainment (una buena forma de invertir lo que ganaron con La Trilogía, creo yo... aunque sea a fondo perdido). De los cómics en sí hablaré en otro momento, por ahora os dejo con la introducción escrita que han incluido en Doc Frankenstein #1, el cómic que ellos mismos guionizan (ahora me va a tocar teclear un buen rato...):

Introduction by the Wachowski Brothers


Welcome to Burlyman Comics.

Some of you less-than-burly types out there may be wondering what madness could possess us to throw our hat into the cut-throat ring of comic book publishing where there is typically more blood and less rules than in an Ultimate Fighting Championship. The reason is pretty simple: we love comics. Even during the agony of our 48 month labor in which we gave birth to the twins RELOADED and REVOLUTIONS, Friday remained the Day of Succor because DJ, one of our VFX supervisors, would bring us a fresh stack of new releases.

Comics, more than film, gave us an appreciation for the different ways that words and pictures can be used to tell a story. you can say what you want about the industry, but as an art form, the comic book is superior to film in our opinion because of the excessive compromises that must be made every single day on a film set.

Yet there have always been certain comics that have always stood out. While we were growing up, those comics were usually drawn by Jack Kirby. He was our King. Reading one of his comics was like mainlining imagination. He took you places yo had never been, showed action you had never seen. He drew things that could not exist in any other graphic medium. He drew the impossible.

Which is why, for us, so many comics today are disappointments. In a medium where you can draw ANYTHING, how can so many artists be content to simply imitate what's already done in film and television? The first time we saw HARD BOILED we thought that here was someone who understood the joy of the medium, here was someone who seemed a rightful heir to Kirby's crown. Geof Darrow and Steve Skroce draw the kind of comics we like to read; they take us places we've never been, they show us action we've never seen. They are the reason we started this company. To create a place where people like us could see the stuffthat only comics can do, a place where people can still find the Jack stuff, the impossible stuff.

Thanks for buying Burly.

The Wachowski Brothers.

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Se te agradece el rato de tecleo :)

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